Our Story

Our story started on King Island in 2008 when Ana came to King Island to do some work exchange on a local dairy farm.

Tom and Ana both studied Agriculture at University. Both share the passion for farming, animals and the environment.

In 2008 Ana moved to Australia to work in an agricultural exchange program and came to King Island expecting to stay for only 6 months and then return home.

Eight years later she is still on King Island. Tom and Ana married in 2012 and now have two children, Alice and Lucas.

Our Farm

In 2009 we started our farming business by renting one small property and running just 30 head of cattle.

Our business kept growing with hard work and determination. We took planned risks and it paid off.

We now own and lease 2000 acres of productive land. We run around 1500 head of cattle - pure Angus andAngus cross. We have a self replacement herd of 670 cows and sell the progeny to the store market and finish to the prime market.

We have intentions of taking up some permaculture principles into our farm practices.


What will you get from us


We want to share with you our passion for farming, our knowledge, our experience.

We are young entrepreneurs that by our own mistakes and successes found our way in agriculture. 

Tom has a masters degree in in Beef Science. An Angus Australia scholarship, gave him the opportunity to do his masters in America.  Tom came to King Island as a 1 y. o. and has an excellent local knowledge.

Ana has a degree with honors in livestock production. Ana is also an active committee member of the King Island Beef Group and liaises with many other local farmers. She has also developed and managed several sustainable agricultural projects as part of her job in the local Landcare group - King Island Natural Resource Management Group. 

Our professional and personal experiences has provided us with the skills to run a successful farming business and we would like to share this with you.

Our aim is to get more people motivated to support our farmers and to incentive young people to give agriculture a go. 

Ana was a MSA grader (grading meat in an abattoirs in order to determine the eating quality of the beef). We want to tell you how the life of an animal will translate to the plate, and how we, as beef producers, can have an influence on this.

We will give guide you around the day to day farm activities: 

  • how and why are the animals moved,
  • pasture maintenance and improvement,
  • soil biology,
  • fertiliser management,
  • dogs,
  • livestock low stress handling,
  • livestock and genetic management,
  • How technology and innovation applies to farming.


Walk the walk

Talk the talk

Eat your Beef


Ana is also passionate about cooking and Portuguese cuisine. We believe that our passion for farming and cooking, and the care for our animals will translate in the plate. 

We also want to showcase other King Island products. We have found perfect marriages between our beef and eggs and other King Island produce, such as garlic, milk, cheese, salt and many others.

King Island has now top golf courses but we always have and we will be a farming island, and that is what we do best.